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Alien T. rex

I wanted to see if I could distill all of the elements I found vital to the xenomorph from Alien 1979(Big Chap) and recreate them using the anatomy of a Tyrannosaurus. Like Big Chap is to a man, I wanted this to be seen like a corruption of the anatomy of a Tyrannosaurus. A notable characteristic of big chap was the elongated anatomy, all of its limbs and head were stretched. I did this where I found appropriate, notably the pelvic elements, because first and foremost big chap was designed as a perverse sexual monster. The design of Big Chap, and all elements that HR Giger has a hand in on Alien have been immensely inspirational to me. I feel no Alien film since has recaptured what made the alien what it was. All designs since, with the exception of the queen, have felt like they entirely missed the point. Merely shoving an alien head on a frenetic beast bereft of the biomechanical origins and erotic design traits. Its a real shame. Anyway, here's a T. rex.