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- Rathalos -

After 140 hours, I am done with Monster Hunter illustration. I know it's fanart but this is my most intensely personal illustration in years. Rathalos is my favorite creature design, full stop. I did it, I did my boy proud.

I used this opportunity to push my skills to the limit and try many new things. I am super proud of the wing scales. Every single one was painted by hand and I even cropped out a third of them. The idea was like snake throats when the skin stretches between the scales.

MH has influenced my aesthetic sensibilities so much that I felt tremendous pressure to live up to it. This piece went through a million iterations over the 10 months I spent working on it. Art is so much harder when you care deeply about the subject.

I hope you can see how much this series means to me through this piece. Without this series I would be an extremely different artist.

Hand. Painted. Scales.

Hand. Painted. Scales.

Rathalos Works in Progress